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Have a great game? Why settle for just PC when you can bring your game to the Nintendo Switch with Bearded Ants?

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We know the ins and outs of the Nintendo Switch’s approval, certification and platform specific requirements, and we’ll take care of all of it for you.

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From prepping your game for the Nintendo Switch to launching it in stores, marketing it to players, and providing ongoing support – we’ve got you covered every step of the way

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Pay nothing for the port or marketing until your game is published and starts making you money. Costs are covered by profits from sales and are completely transparent.


Bearded Ants made the porting and publishing process for Dyadic so incredibly simple. The few things they needed from us were made clear and simple, everything else just got taken care of. I’m looking forward to our next port!

– Jack Pilz, Handsome Dragon Games

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These toys are all over the place! Arrange and organize the mess by fitting everything inside the grid in this relaxing and colorful puzzle game with over 100 levels that will test your critical thinking skills.


3D block puzzles built from pixel art! Push, pull, and climb on the blocks of a PictoPull puzzle in order to reach the goal!


Two players steal an ancient and priceless relic, awakening an ominous presence deep beneath the earth, and sending them tumbling into long forgotten ruins. You both must work together to escape, yet you both want to be the one with the relic in the end. So, will you two be friends, or foes?

Golf: Hole in One

Score in just one stroke in this singleplayer, minimalist golf puzzle game. You don’t need friends or the internet, just play and relax with anytime!

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Finger Football: Goal in Two

Take aim and shoot! Can you make the goal in just two shots in this relaxing and minimalist finger football puzzle game.